Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mariela and her pets. (A short story for a class)

This is a story invented by Mariela for her English class homework.... Ok, I admit it. I helped her, but the original "screenplay" was hers. She had her idea for the story and the events. The illustrations are all hers. Looking at the pictures I had to laugh.

Mariela and her pets

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Mariela

Mariela had a rabbit called Tesi. The rabbit was white.

One day, Santa Claus brought a poodle. Mariela named him Pookie.

Then, Mariela had two pets: a rabbit and a dog that were friends.

Then, one day, a chicken arrived. Mariela called him Emilio. He was black.

Emilio was sad and cried. Mariela took him to live with his brothers.

Mariela was sad.

But Tesi and Pookie played with Mariela and she was happy again.

The end.

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